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Raze Technologies was founded in June, 2000, in the Richardson Telecom Corridor outside Dallas, Texas. The founding group, some of the world’s foremost telecom professionals, was formed to attack the skyrocketing broadband access market in the United States and around the world. Collectively, the core management team has more than 145 years of experience.

Management Biographies

After more than 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, John joined Raze Technologies from Beta Squared, Inc., a semiconductor company which he founded. As Vice President of Beta Squared, John secured R&D funds and converted research into viable technologies. This helped make the company a competitive leader in the semiconductor industry and sparked the sale of the company twice. As Divisional Vice President, he negotiated a product line purchase from a major industry player, evolving the company from service-oriented to product-based. John's career has included a variety of engineering, management and executive roles, including Vice President of Engineering and Engineering Manager.

He began his career at Perkin-Elmer's semiconductor division, where he gained several years of engineering and project management experience.

John holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Bridgeport Engineering Institute. And he has completed a post-graduate managerial leadership program at the University of Texas. (top)


Over his 17-year career, Paul has gained experience in software, hardware and systems development while working for several telecommunications leaders. Before founding Raze Technologies, Paul was Senior Director of Hardware and Technology at World Access (now NERA Telecommunications.) He held the positions of Principal Engineer at DSC (now Alcatel) and Senior Scientist at Aironet (now Cisco Systems), the leader in high-speed wireless LAN products. Plus, he gained experience in communication surveillance systems, advanced signal processing and software radio systems while working for E-Systems and the National Security Agency.

Paul holds 12 patents and has extensive experience in the development of WAN, LAN, wireless data communications and CDMA wireless local loop systems.

He graduated from University of Akron with a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, and he holds a master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. (top)


Nick develops and supervises sales and marketing strategies at Raze Technologies. Before co-founding Raze Technologies, Nick was Vice President of North American Sales at Ennovate Networks, a VC funded start-up in Boxborough, Massachusetts. Nick was individually responsible for building a U.S. sales team of sales managers and system engineers.

Nick’s successful career spans more than 20 years as a sales and marketing professional in the telecom industry. His past tenures include serving as Director of RBOC/IXC Sales at Xylan (now Alcatel) and as Director of ATM Marketing at DSC (now Alcatel). While at DSC, Nick was also responsible for opening the Latin American and Asia Pacific markets. Previously, he also held the positions of Product Marketing Manager at Plessey Semiconductors and as Regional Sales Manager for the Middle East and Africa at STC Telecommunications (now Nortel), where he began his career as a Development Engineer.

Nick holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wales at Cardiff, United Kingdom. (top)


Sal has extensive experience in nearly every facet of wireless communications. This broad and deep knowledge consistently helps him strengthen the infrastructure at Raze Technologies. Before co-founding Raze, he was Business Manager for Motorola, responsible for business planning and intellectual property strategies, which focused on wireless applications for life sciences markets. As the director of Samsung’s Wireless Systems Lab, Lopez directed all hardware and firmware development. At Samsung, he was also responsible for engineering teams in North America and South Korea, developing the 2G CDMA base transceiver system. Plus, Lopez served as Senior Manager of Research and Development at Uniden’s Private Radio Center. In his career, Sal has held the positions of Business Manager, Director, Engineering Manager and Hardware Design Engineer.

Sal holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. (top)


Sanjay has more than 17 years of experience developing software for telecom products. He has successfully built and organized teams for product architecture, development, deployment and support. He has extensive experience in the development of real-time software, networking protocols, switch interfaces and OAM software using C, C++, object-oriented design, relational and OO databases. Throughout his career, Sanjay has worked as both manager and engineer, including the position of Principal Engineer at Samsung Telecommunications Americas’ wireless systems lab. At Nortel Networks wireless division for several years, Sanjay served as Senior Manager, managing architecture, design, verification and field support teams for wireless intelligent network systems. He began his career as Software Engineer for Arvee, Inc.

Sanjay holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Poona in India and a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan. (top)


Kirk draws from more than 17 years of experience in system engineering and developing communications and signal processing systems over full lifecycles. Kirk’s system development and technical experience includes large-scale integrated systems, incorporating voice and data communications. His expertise also lies in advanced signal processing, networking topologies and embedded software design and development.

Before joining Raze Technologies, Kirk served as Chief Engineer at Applied Signal and Image Technology and Executive Director of Engineering at California Microwave Incorporated. He began his career at Systeka Inc., Essex Inc. and the Department of the Defense, where he was involved in the simulation, modeling and design of multiple-signal processing systems.

Kirk holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Akron and a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. (top)


Throughout his successful career as Hardware/Project Engineer, Michael has gained extensive experience in the areas of digital, analog and RF hardware design. While at Motorola, Michael designed and developed network interface and transmitter control units for the Company’s voice paging infrastructure.

His career has included the positions of Senior Technical Sales Engineer at Insight and Senior Hardware Engineer at World Access (now NERA Telecommunications.) While at Insight, Eckert was responsible for a semiconductor line that anticipates revenues of $30 million in 2000. Eckert was also Staff Hardware Engineer with Uniden and Hardware Design Engineer for Motorola, where he was involved in the entire product development process.

Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington. (top)


As Director of Signals and Systems, Dr. Russell McKown brings 25 years of experience in digital signal processing and is credited with proving the software radio concept to key U.S. government agencies. Russell has been involved with the complete product development cycle for classified radio signal processing subsystems, a proof-of-concept software radio signal processing laboratory and a cardiac output patient monitor for critical care medicine. He holds eight U.S. patents on signal processing algorithms. Before joining Raze Technologies, Russell was Principal Engineer for the start-up InterFlo Medical, where he helped develop a continuous cardiac output patient monitoring system for critical care medicine. Throughout the project, Russell solved signal-processing problems associated with the system. The InterFlo monitoring system is now used in emergency, operating and intensive care units around the world. Russell holds a bachelor’s degree in physics and a Ph.D. in biophysics from the University of Illinois. (top)

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